Namami Vrishabhavathi Foundation

An initiative to revive Bengaluru's own river.

VRISHABHAVATHI, now fondly called "KENGERI MORI" was once a pristine river that catered to drinking and agricultural purposes. Temples along the river used her waters for rituals too. Springs from Malleshwaram Nandi Temple and Bull temple from Basavanagudi are her main feeders.
But all she carries now is the output of domestic sewer lines and industrial waste of the now over urbanised city of Bengaluru.

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Our Mission

Waste Management

Watershed Management:
River & Lake Rejuvenation


Sustainable Livelihood

Our Activities

Develop a policy framework to save the blues and greens in the catchment to aid better environment for human, flora and fauna.
To develop a sustainable approach towards conserving Environment. Create awareness, Spread the technical knowledge, seminars, plantation and parivarthan drives.
To have a baseline study and cover the entire database spectrum of information, resources created and documentation

Ongoing campaigns

Vrishabhavathi River Run Solid Waste Management Experts' Meet